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Can PIN-debit sales be disputed?

Yes, however it's far more rare than with credit sales.

Credit card fraud is much more rampant than fraud with debit cards, and for one big reason - credit cards are easy to steal and reuse! When a thief comes across a stolen card (or just the stolen card number) they can almost immediately use that card nefariously. They can make online purchases, or they can walk a stolen card into a retail establishment and start swiping! There is very little recourse to this scenario - until the real cardholder calls their bank and reports the fraud, all of those transactions are happening! What this means is that credit card fraud makes processing credit cards more expensive. All parties pay for the convenience of credit cards - but they also share in the costs. Disputes are relatively common.

In the same vein - PIN-debit sales don't suffer from this fraud issue, and you can see why! PIN numbers make a transaction inherently safer. No thief will be able to guess your PIN if they steal your wallet. That card is practically useless to them. So, fraud is much less likely. As such, all parties pay less for these transactions, and chargebacks are simply harder for cardholders to initiate. Obviously they authorized the sale when they input their PIN, so their reason for dispute can only be related to factors of ongoing product/service performance. It's much harder to claim that they didn't authorize the sale (as any credit card holder can very easily do).

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