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Can terminals accept PIN debit and EBT?

Yes, terminals have the capability to accept PIN-based transactions. But, the terminal has to be properly setup in advance.

Fundamentally, almost all credit card terminals can be setup to accept PIN debit  sales as well as EBT transactions. To do so, the terminal has to be "encrypted" with a unique key that matches the terminal's processor. This is a security feature designed to protect PIN debit users from potential fraud. As such, in order to accept PIN debit (or EBT) sales through any given terminal, that terminal must have a key that "matches" the current processor. So - if you "move" to a new processor and bring your old terminal, that terminal  won't have the same key, and subsequently, won't be able to accept PIN-transactions.

What does this ultimately mean? If you intend to accept PIN-debit sales or EBT transactions, it's wise to purchase your terminal directly from your credit card processor. Otherwise, you may buy a fancy new terminal only to learn it won't be compatible for PIN-debit sales with your current processor! You can browse AND's terminals here, all of which include PIN acceptance as a standard feature.

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