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Fast, personal, secure.

That's Station Pro.

A fully customizable Point of Sale, built for restaurants, quick-serve, and retailers

Made just for you - starts at just $1,399

Clover station is designed with customization in mind. You can choose the setup to match your specific business needs, full systems start at only $1,399. Opt to have a customer-interacting display, or instead you can swivel the large 14" screen for signatures. Need to take payments at the table? Not a problem. Add a Clover Flex to start/finish orders on the run. With Clover Dining, you can manage your tables and ordering with ease.

The latest technology

Clover Station includes high-quality hardware, like a fingerprint scanner for employee logins, a camera/barcode scanner, and a huge high-definition 14" touchscreen. It also comes with a 230-foot high-speed printer and full sized cash drawer. All Clover stations come with both WiFi and ethernet connections, so you can stay connected no matter where you are in the business. 

Monthly plans that don't break the bank

Starting at just $39/month, the Clover station is one of the most affordable POS options on the market. Need table management? Not a problem - the Clover station offers a Table Service option for only $69/month. Learn about all payment plan options below.

Clover Station Pro: Take your business up a notch

Engage your customers like never before with Station Pro. Run loyalty programs, contribute to non-profit causes, capture contact info, accept mobile wallets, and more.

The Station Pro has a super-fast Snapdragon 660 processor, with a sleek 14" screen and customer-facing display. This allows your customers to enter PIN numbers, engage in loyalty/rewards programs, and pay with their phone/watch on the NFC-enabled display.

Station Pro also adds 4G (LTE) connectivity for merchants that require a cellular connection. Plus, with Station Pro, it's certified to the highest PCI standards (P2PE) so you don't need a quarterly PCI scan with Station Pro. Now that's something that every merchant will love!

Software with the tools you need

Your Clover account is accessible anytime, anywhere. Run your business from your phone, computer, or Clover Station - it's up to you. Create rewards and loyalty programs. Keep customer data on file, and offer customized rewards or marketing campaigns. Integrate with popular services like QuickBooks, Mailchimp, WooCommerce, and more. Manage complex inventories with categories, modifiers, item-based tax rates, and more. Clover gives you every tool you need.

Financing options for your business

We know that purchasing a Point of Sale can be a large expense for many retailers. That's why AND fully posts all costs, while offering numerous payment options. You can pay up front, or choose to split any costs over 4 interest-free monthly payments. Would you rather pay over time? Not a problem, AND offers low-cost equipment leasing so your business always has the latest equipment without the upfront cost.