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Payment processing with a viable principle: utility

Flat rate membership-pricing reduces your processing fees by up to 50%

AND zero-cost programs can cut your fees by over 95% 

Trustworthy pricing and service

Membership pricing

Zero Cost

High-Volume Rates

Direct wholesale rates make it easy.

Members receive transparent, wholesale pricing so you pay the lowest overall rate. We add a flat rate membership fee, so you'll never have surprise costs.

Zero cost or shared costs saves you money.

Zero-cost processing allows you to fully pass costs to your customers. Or, you may choose to share those costs with them, it's up to you.

Custom pricing specific to your business.

High volume rates structured specifically for your business, that's it. Add the AND gateway with invoicing, recurring billing, level 2 & 3 processing, and ACH.

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We work with all merchants, offering low-cost options for in-person, eCommerce, B2B, and more. 

What's accessible in your AND account?

We make this easy. AND accounts give you access to the tools you need, and the lowest rates out there:

          Membership Pricing with no surprises OR

          Zero-cost processing options

          AND gateway with email invoicing

          Take in-person, phone, or online payments

          Accept ACH / eCheck payments

Request a free analysis

AND industry experts will review your current processing statements, and provide you with a detailed comparison. We want you to see how we're transparent with our pricing - we'll take the time to explain your current statements, and how we'll be different.

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