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Payment Processing Terminals

Make business easier with the right credit card processing terminal

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You choose. Hardware is simple with AND

Bring your existing payment processing terminal to AND, free of charge. Or, purchase from us. We give you options that work for your business.



Low, up-front pricing, which includes a 1-year warranty. Prices include shipping/tax.

Split the costs over 4 interest-free monthly payments. Pay via credit card or bank debit.

Terminals start at just $10 per month, no down payments. See our options here.  

PAX a80

PAX a80 smart


A smart terminal without a PCI scan!

The PAX a80 includes all of the upper level features you'd want at an incredibly low price point. This terminal is P2PE which means you don't need to perform a quarterly PCI scan! It includes the basics, plus smart terminal features - EMV, Contactless payments, WiFi connectivity, and a large color screen. You can download apps and setup inventory through an online console! The a80 is our preferred terminal option.


Fiserv FD-150


WiFi, simple menus, automatic updates

Fiserv's FD-150 is their brand new flagship terminal. It includes many popular features - an easy to navigate user-interface, automatic updates, a color-touch screen, and WiFi connectivity. It sports a speedy printer and Apple Pay / NFC acceptance as well. Many merchants choose to pair the FD-150  with the RP-10 PinPad for PIN / EBT acceptance, only $130 more.


Dejavoo Z8

WiFi, internet, and dial-up connectivity

The Z8 is loaded with features. It includes a 2.4" color screen that will display your company's logo on the idle screen. With its fast processor, you can complete sales in mere moments. You don't need to be near an internet connection, either! Since the Z8 is WiFi-enabled, it'll auto-detect your local network for quick and easy processing. The Dejavoo Z8 has rapidly become a merchant favorite for its simplicity and feature set.

Dejavoo Z1


WiFi, battery-operated, integrated

The Z1 is designed to be used in conjunction with your integrated virtual terminal. It has a WiFi connection, and it's fully handheld with an all-day battery. Sales that you run through the Z1 will instantly report on the web interface, so your keyed/recurring payments can be searched alongside your in-person transactions. The Z1 is sleek and small, accepting all payment forms!

PAX a920

PAX a920 smart


Every feature, including cell connection

The PAX a920 is the "cadillac" model of terminals. This terminal is also P2PE which means you don't need to perform a quarterly PCI scan! As a smart terminal, you can create inventory items, manage your sales through an online dashboard, and download apps. This terminal can connect to the cell networks or a WiFi connection, has a front and rear facing camera, a large 5" color touch screen, bluetooth, and more. 

Speed up the line with a PinPad

PinPads give your customers the ability to quickly enter their PIN number, or pay with their phone. External PinPads can also offer a smoother and more secure checkout experience, as customers can keep their cards in their hands throughout the entire transaction. Lines move faster, and cheaper PIN-debit processing is encouraged.

Terminal Comparison

Terminal Comparison

Why choose a smart terminal?

Most merchants just want more for their money! A smart terminal bridges the gap between a POS and standard terminal. Check out our FAQ page to see side-by-side charts explaining program differences, common definitions, and more. Our goal is to ensure our merchants are knowledgeable about all options.

Don't want to pay upfront?

we've got you covered.

AND offers flexible payment options. Pay upfront, or interest-free over 4 months. Prefer to pay over time? We can do that.

Talk to our terminal experts

Do you have questions about credit card processing terminals? That's what we're here for.

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