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AND Payment Gateway

Invoicing, automatic level 2/3 rates, ACH, recurring payments and more. 

All the tools

What's included in the AND payment gateway?

The AND payment gateway includes every feature your business could need:

          Email invoicing to quickly accept payments

          Recurring billing so you can "set it and forget it"

          Manage your inventory items and costs

          Securely store customer's credit card data

          Accept ACH / eCheck payments

Simple Virtual Terminal

The AND credit card gateway includes a quick and easy Virtual Terminal option, so you can take a payment, whenever you need. With AND, you can also save the customer's data for future charging, too! The system is easy - no need to re-enter the same info twice, just click an option box to save. 


Virtual Terminal options are robust - enter taxes, surcharges, invoice numbers and payment descriptions, and more. All sales are recorded indefinitely, so you'll always have a record of every transaction.

Virtul Terminal

Send detailed client invoices

Never miss a payment again. The AND gateway includes invoicing at no extra cost, so you can easily send your client a "click to pay" option! Your client will receive an instant email, with a detailed PDF invoice detailing the sale. You can customize what your clients see - taxes, discounts, products, address, payment due dates and more. Invoices are uncluttered and simple to read, giving simple payment options to your clients.

You can quickly edit the email that's sent to clients on a per-client basis, and choose to add additional attachments if you wish. It's all up to you.

Send Invoices
Invoice 2

Your clients pay with ease

Once the invoice is opened, your clients are given an option to pay by card or check. You can even request their digital signature with every purchase as an additional security measure. Options are clear and simple.

Once paid, you'll receive an email letting you know that the invoice has been satisfied, and your customer will receive an email confirmation as well. All records are stored digitally on a per-customer basis so you can reference sales later with just a few clicks.

Recuring Payments

Recurring payments? Yeah, we've got that.

Need to bill your client regularly? That's built right into the AND gateway. When inputting any sale, you'll have the option to "make this recurring" and take the payment on a schedule. That way, you can bill your clients at automatic scheduled intervals - weekly, monthly, etc.

It's a breeze to manage your recurring payments with our detailed reporting and filtering system - never miss a payment.

The AND Gateway does it all.

It's included as part of our Business and Premier membership plans. At AND, merchants get access to the latest technology without getting overcharged. Learn about our plans below.

Level 2/3 processing

Level 2 and Level 3... that's built-in too.

Stop "thinking" about your B2B rates. We take out the guess-work. AND automatically gets you the lowest level 2 and level 3 rates, with no extra input on your side. Just process the sale like normal. That's it. In the background, AND does the heavy lifting.

We determine if the card is eligible for level 2/3 rate discounts, and if so, AND automatically supplies all additional data points. That way, you get reduced interchange rates with no extra work. Don't pay extra for this technology! AND includes automatic rate classification for no charge

Product and Inventory Manager

Effortlessly manage your inventory and costs with AND. Our product manager includes categories, sub-categories, SKU code tracking, wholesale cost tracking, and more. Now, when you run a report on your inventory, you can see current stock counts, quantities sold, item weights, UPC codes and more.

The product manager is fully integrated with invoicing. When you create an invoice, you can quickly select any product from your catalog, and it'll automatically fill in prices, update stock counts, etc.

Product and inventory
Customer Database

Secure Customer Database

Keep your customer's data safe, while also keeping it accessible. You can store as many credit cards and ACH accounts to a customer as you'd like. Keep a running tab on every customer's history, and follow up on invoices and recurring payments on a per-customer basis.

You can see a customer's history for each credit card you've saved, and can quickly charge a customer with one-click from their record. The AND payment gateway makes it simple to complete tasks with only a few clicks.

Fraud Tools

Advanced Fraud Tools

No skimping here, we take security seriously. Get in-depth AVS (address verification system) filtering, CVV checks, IP blocking, and more. We recognize that every business is different, which is why you get access to every tool possible to help you combat fraud. Duplicate detection, transaction thresholds, email domain blocking, country blocking, and a custom risk-analysis score can be used to automatically reject suspect sales. As one of the best payment gateways out there, AND allows your business to get a granular look at fraud attempts, so you can stay ahead of the game, and outwit potential fraudsters.

ACH eCheck

ACH / eCheck Processing

This is simple. ACH/eCheck processing is pre-built into the AND gateway, so you can run your ACH sales in the same interface as your credit card transactions. Allow your customers to choose how to pay when you send them an invoice, or simply charge their checking account. It's up to you. You can still invoice, setup recurring payments, or create one-time charges, just like credit cards. ACH sales are very inexpensive, since there are no volume-based fees for sales below $2500. Learn more about ACH processing here


Surcharging is built-in

If you intend to surcharge and offset your processing fees, AND makes it simple. Easily accept either a fixed convenience fee, or add surcharges to credit and ACH transactions. You can opt to require this from your employees, so that every transaction has a surcharge automatically applied.

Learn how everything works

Invoicing, surcharging, databases... we get it, there's a lot going on. Let AND guide you through the details. Check out our FAQ page to see side-by-side charts explaining program differences, common definitions, and more. Our goal is to ensure our merchants are knowledgeable about all options.

Learn more about AND gateway

We're here to help you understand how credit card processing works, so you can make the right decisions. Speak to an industry expert today.

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