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Learn about our commitment to you

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We believe in speaking truthfully and with authenticity, and we genuinely care about your financial wellbeing. We understand for some businesses credit card acceptance is 100% of their cashflow, and if not 100% plenty of businesses are close to it. We know this can add an enormous level of stress on a business owner, especially a small business owner. We operate with the mindset of your payment acceptance being equivalent to your home’s utility services like power or water – it shouldn’t be priced arbitrarily, and if there’s a hiccup in service it must be addressed urgently.

Our goal is to earn your trust. We do that through our availability to you, we do that through our honesty with you, we do it through our actions when supporting you. And, once we gain your trust we hope you can better focus on other goals for your business, and life outside your business.

A company born from friendship

Best friends for over 20 years, Anthony, Nick and Derek have worked side-by-side for much of their professional careers. Their deep commitment to merchant advocacy lead them to start AND. Each brings extensive payment industry knowledge, specializing in customer satisfaction, POS systems, and B2B processing.

For those of you fluent in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you’ll understand their goal isn’t to grow through clever internet points. They're looking for positive word of mouth from you, from their peers in the industry, and from the community they service.

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