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What is AVS (Address Verification Service)?

AVS is a system that allows a merchant to confirm the billing address of a credit card being accepted, in real-time.

Address Verification, or AVS, will reference and confirm the numerical values of the billing address of a credit card. For example, if the customer provides a billing address of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 then you are able to reference the "1600" street number and the "20500" zip code, and confirm these values with the customer's issuing bank. The real time "match" or "mismatch" result you receive will help you determine potential fraud at the time of the transaction.

Depending on your system used to process payments you may have the ability to auto-void a transaction that receives a mismatch response. Alternately, your point of sale solution may only be able to report on this response rather than report and take a desired action. Although, regardless of the capabilities of your processing system you’ll always want to input AVS data when manually enter a sale. Entering this data could save you on processing fees incurred from the issuing bankVisa/MasterCard reward merchants with lower interchange fees on sales where AVS information is entered.

We're serious about saving money.

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