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What is an Issuing Bank?

The Issuing bank is the bank that issued the credit card to your customer.

The issuing bank, or Issuer, is the entity that provided (or issued!) the credit card to your customer. The issuer is also the entity that takes the largest cut of the processing fees incurred for accepting the card! When a transaction approval is requested the POS or Gateway will take the card’s data and transmit it through your merchant account to the acquiring bank, who then connects with the card’s issuing bank for the approval or decline response. There are thousands of issuing banks varying in size from small country banks to large multi-billion dollar juggernauts. 

The issuer "represents" your customer in a dispute, and they'll defend your customer if there is ever a chargeback on your account. They have your customer's interests at heart, not yours. 

We're serious about saving money.

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