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Lower your processing fees by 100% through the easiest to use solution in the industry.

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How does it work? What can I expect?

When a customer offers cash they'll see a lower cost as compared to paying with their credit card. It's that simple.

          A low FIXED monthly fee

          No Monthly Minimums - you have unlimited processing

          Accept all forms of card payments

          Follows all industry regulations and requirements

          Savings increase in proportion to credit card volume


Ready to go right out the box

When you receive your equipment it is ready to update itself accordingly. All you need to do is plug in the power and connect to the internet - the system will do the rest. 

When you're checking out a customer the WAVit program will automatically calculate a convenience fee for those customers that choose to pay with their credit card. If cash is used they'll no longer have that 4% added. The system will automatically calculate the cash discount so you don't have to change your checkout process. Easy!

Virtul Terminal

What can I expect on my monthly statement?

Your month-end statement will still share all the information you're used to seeing. Well, assuming your current provider is sharing their costs for your processing (called Interchange). Sad to say, it's less and less common for providers to share this information - if your with Intuit you know what we're talking about!

Here at AND we'll share all the numbers needed to calculate your true costs. We're not looking to hide fees we incur for your processing as the only reason to do that is to sneakily increase margin.

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