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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Are terminals wireless?

They can be! Terminals can have either WiFi or cellular (LTE) connection.

By default, many terminals are not wireless - they'll just have a standard dial or IP connection. But many newer terminals are starting to include a WiFi connection, or LTE for true cellular connection. 

WiFi is a cheap, easy way to place your terminal somewhere in your establishment  that doesn't have access to connect to a dial/IP line. In addition, since WiFi is a "local" connection, it's free. You don't pay anything extra on a monthly basis to utilize a WiFi connection, it's the same as using a dial-up or IP line. It's already being paid for!

Conversely - if you wish to use a cellular (LTE) connection, that allows you to process anywhere you have service! But, since you're accessing the cellular networks, you'll need to pay for monthly SIM card access - typically $15/month, depending on the system you use. If you're regularly in event spaces or areas without consistent WiFi, a cellular connection may be a necessity for your business. Another thing to consider is that you can use your mobile phone to create a "WiFi Hotspot" to share your connection with your terminal! This is a nice workaround to avoiding cellular fees.

We're serious about saving money.

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