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Can I accept PIN-debit on a mobile phone?

Known as PIN on Consumer-Off-The-Shelf devices or "PIN on COTS", there are now new applications that allow for PIN entry on mobile devices.

It's still a fresh technology, but recent PCI compliance standards changes have allowed for PIN numbers to be entered on consumer mobile devices. Consumer devices are known as "COTS" in the industry, short for "Consumer Off The Shelf". This differentiation is necessary - there are plenty of devices that are similar to mobile phones that already take PIN numbers on a glass screen! But, PCI certifications exist specifically for consumer devices as to maintain the highest possible security.

Solutions are still few and far between - the technology is new, and many consumers still aren't comfortable inputting their PIN-number onto someone else's mobile phone. It will likely take time to shift consumer habits and processor's hardware options. But, the technology does exist, and you'll likely start seeing it more often in the future.

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