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Can I surcharge debit sales?

No, you may not surcharge debit or prepaid card transactions. AND's processing technology handles this for you, automatically differentiating between credit and debit sales.

No merchant is allowed to place a surcharge on debit or prepaid cards. Additionally, there are states that do not allow for surcharging, regardless of the type of card. You may only surcharge credit transactions if you elect to surcharge. Learn more about surcharging.


Although you can’t place a surcharge on debit sales, you are allowed to offer cash-discounting on any card type, debit cards included.


You can see the differences between these two zero-cost processing options: surcharging vs cash-discounting. In a nutshell, surcharging adds a fee to the final transaction value, whereas cash discounting assumes higher posted prices, and you then offer a discount for cash. It’s a small technicality, but it has big ramifications in the credit card world.

We're serious about saving money.

AND is dedicated to getting your processing rates as close to zero as possible. We utilize membership pricing along with cash discounting and surcharging programs to maximize savings. Let our analysts review your statements and see how much money we can put back in your pockets. 

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