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Can I process WEX or Fleet card payments?

Yes! Although, there are some unique needs for accepting WEX or Fleet payments.

WEX is short for "Wright Express" and is a type of fleet card, like Voyager cards. Fleet cards are used by entities who need their fleet/delivery/truck drivers to pay for fuel and automotive services. These cards are designed to only work at specific auto-related merchants, and they request unique information at the time of sale (product codes, odometer counts, etc). 

If you’re looking to accept fleet cards, we will need to send out an application for your signature. Upon approval, we can add WEX and Fleet acceptance to your merchant account. Depending on your current account setup and equipment, this could mean we simply have fleet processing added into your existing setup. But it’s also possible we need to create a new account, as fleet cards require specific networks and equipment. We'll need to have a conversation with you about your needs to find the right solution.

We're serious about saving money.

AND is dedicated to getting your processing rates as close to zero as possible. We utilize membership pricing along with cash discounting and surcharging programs to maximize savings. Let our analysts review your statements and see how much money we can put back in your pockets. 

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