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Does Level 2/3 processing cost extra?

No, not at AND! Our level 2/3 processing is free as part of our Business and Premier memberships. Other places may charge for level 2/3, but we don't!

AND believes that B2B merchants shouldn't have to pay extra. So we don't charge anything extra for this service! In fact, AND's gateway offers features you won't find elsewhere - we automatically classify your sales for level 2/3 rates, so you don't have any extra work. You run a sale just like normal, and presto - you just got lower interchange rates. Just like that. Read more here

If you are already accepting level 2 and 3 data through a third-party gateway, we can still work together! We’d simply look to plug your new AND account information into your existing gateway, to replace your current merchant account. With this update you would see no front end changes to your gateway and level 2 and 3 processing. Essentially, this update is like putting new tires on your car. When you pick your car up from the shop after service, you'll be leaving with new tires, but everything else is still in its same place inside your car - same deal here! In this scenario, the fees you pay to your existing third-party gateway would remain, and you'd login to the same gateway like you already do. But, you'd see no extra fees from AND for your level 2/3 processing. We'd just "plug in" to your gateway, and route the sales through our systems, instead of your current provider. Read more about advanced B2B needs.

We're serious about saving money.

AND is dedicated to getting your processing rates as close to zero as possible. We utilize membership pricing along with cash discounting and surcharging programs to maximize savings. Let our analysts review your statements and see how much money we can put back in your pockets. 

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