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Fighting a chargeback

When responding to a chargeback, it's imperative that you present your perspective favorably. Share receipts, customer communications, tracking data, and any other relevant information.

The best way to fight a chargeback is to prevent them from happening in the first place through customer service efforts! But if you find yourself in customer dispute it’s usually a good idea to fight it. Fighting chargebacks helps keep your  chargeback ratio low and reduces lost revenue. Below are a few ways to fight a chargeback.


Gather Supporting Transaction Data

When responding to chargeback having evidence that supports your side of the story is vital. Gather all information you have on the transaction in question; Any communication between you and the customer and a copy of your return/refund policy so you can clearly lay out why you believe you should be favored in the dispute’s resolution.


Promptly Respond

The chargeback notification received will share a strict deadline for your response. Considering your notification may be received via snail mail, you may not have an abundance of time on your side. Make sure you take note of when you’ll need to respond by, any recommendation on documentation that should be provided, and where the response is to be sent.


For a detailed look at the chargeback process, click here

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