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Chip + PIN transactions

Chip+PIN transactions have the highest form of security. They utilize both a chip card and they require the cardholder to authorize the transaction with their unique 4-digit PIN number.

Chip cards are already more secure than their swiped counterparts - see more  here. Similarly, PIN-debit sales are considered less susceptible to fraud than their credit counterparts - we write about this here. So what's chip+PIN? Simply put - it's the best of both worlds!

Just like with your debit card, when you're issued a chip+PIN credit card, you'll also set a 4-digit PIN code. And just like with your debit card, now you'll get prompted for a PIN code when utilizing your credit card at retailers that accept chip+PIN transactions! This technology is great for both parties:

  • Consumers get the added peace of mind that a stolen credit card can't be used by a thief - unless they know your 4 digit PIN, the card is useless when inserted.

  • Retailers know that when they accept a sale from a customer, the customer is legitimate. Chargebacks are reduced, and fraudsters won't target their establishment.

Chip+PIN is quickly gaining popularity in the US and is on the path to becoming the default payment method moving forward. We recommend brick-and-mortar merchants to accept Chip+PIN when they're able as it reduces fraud and increases consumer confidence!

We're serious about saving money.

AND is dedicated to getting your processing rates as close to zero as possible. We utilize membership pricing along with cash discounting and surcharging programs to maximize savings. Let our analysts review your statements and see how much money we can put back in your pockets. 

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