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Why is EMV more secure than swiping?

Swipe-technology is outdated, and fraudsters have found ways to exploit it. Chip/EMV cards are more advanced!

Swiping technology has been in existence for decades. When it was initially introduced, it was cutting-edge technology. Fraudsters had to be extremely advanced to replicate cards, and it required expensive computers and hardware. However, as time marched on, fraudsters and consumer technology caught up. By the 1990's, swipe cards could be easily "skimmed" with cheap hardware, and fraudsters could quickly copy card information, subjecting cardholders to erroneous charges and identity theft. Thus, a new form of security was required. Enter Chip cards.

Chip cards are widely considered to be a safer and more secure manner of processing than traditional magnetic swipe cards. That's due to the fact that the chip that resides within the card is practically impossible to replicate - stealing someone's card will do a fraudster little good. Unlike magnetic-swipe cards which can be "skimmed" - copying a chip card wouldn't be possible for a traditional thief that simply steals cards. In addition - every time the chip card is used, it generates a new one-time security code that must be verified by the back end bank. Copying a single code would also prove useless, as you can't use the same code on a new transaction! Chip cards have covered every angle.

Paired with a PIN number (known as Chip+PIN), this technology is considered the safest in the industry for sensitive payment transactions. Although swipe technology still exists, (and will likely remain for quite some time), it's a dying technology that is becoming obsolete.

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