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Authorization and Capture

The first step of any sale is receiving the authorization from the issuing bank, and the second step is to capture that sale for processing.

There are 2 elements to a card sale; the first being the sale’s approval, and the second being the sale's capture. When you process a sale that is approved by the issuing bank the transaction’s approval is added to your day’s batch of sales. Then, at the end of the day all your approved sales are submitted through your merchant account to the acquiring bank for processing and funding.

Most business operate in an “auth and capture” atmosphere where approved sales are automatically submitted daily for processing, but some business may have a model where they “auth-only” a sale so they can capture it at a later date. If working in an auth-only environment it’s on the merchant to manually complete the capture side of the transaction. The steps to manually capture a sale vary based on the system used to process your payments. Most merchants auto-capture every day. Learn why daily batching is so important!

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