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What are the benefits of ACH payments?

The biggest benefit is cost! ACH payments are much cheaper than credit card sales. In addition, they offer much less consumer-protection measures than credit, so sales are less likely to be disputed.

The AND Gateway enables you to electronically collect payments from your customers for one-time or recurring payments by directly debiting their checking or saving accounts.

It’s more convenient for you and your customers. With an automated payment, you don’t have to worry about waiting for a paper check or processing an invoice. At the same time, your customers will enjoy increased flexibility in having an additional payment method. With recurring payments you can do away with the need for your customers to remember it’s time to pay a monthly bill or invoice - it’s all automated!


Lower transaction fees and processing costs. ACH transactions typically have the lowest fees of any payment method (excluding cash). Additionally, compared to paper checks and invoices, ACH payments inherently eliminate printing costs and reduce processing times, saving your company valuable resources.

Fewer disputes due to the consumer protections afforded by credit cards. Credit cards are designed to favor cardholders, with dispute processes that heavily protect the issuing bank, typically at a cost to the merchant. ACH payments are less likely to be disputed, saving you money and time.


Enhanced security - Human error and fraud are drastically reduced by having a direct link to your customer's bank account. ACH acceptance drastically reduces the likelihood of check tampering and fraudulent activity.

We're serious about saving money.

AND is dedicated to getting your processing rates as close to zero as possible. We utilize membership pricing along with cash discounting and surcharging programs to maximize savings. Let our analysts review your statements and see how much money we can put back in your pockets. 

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